Welcome to Allegany County, Maryland

At the Allegany County Department of Economic & Community Development, our business is your business. Whether locating a new business or expanding an existing one, our comprehensive team of professionals are here to help you get the information you need, meet the right people, and acquire the financial and intellectual capital you require. We can help build the relationships needed to build or expand your business. We can answer all your questions concerning site location, state and county incentives, available workforce, local demographics and more.

Allegany County, located in the mountains of beautiful Western Maryland, is strategically located within an easy two-hour drive from three major metropolitan areas – Washington, DC and Baltimore to the east and Pittsburgh to the north. Interstate access and a large CSX rail presence, gives businesses ample entries to getting goods to customers and clients, quickly, efficiently and on time. Wireless and high-speed internet access can provide your company with the ability to reach customers anywhere in the world – anytime of the day or night.

What makes Allegany County the perfect spot for your business? Our low cost of living combined with a strong work ethic, progressive business environment and a warm and friendly community who welcome your business. What else does Allegany County offer? A location that boasts stunning mountain scenery, 10 minute commutes, unlimited recreational opportunities, training, graduate and post-graduate education opportunities AND real estate prices that defy convention. Quite simply, we are where your business needs to be!

Allegany County is home to two Federal HUBZones, one located in South Cumberland and the other in Frostburg. The HUBZones Empowerment Contracting Program provides Federal contracting preferences to small businesses that obtain HUBZone certification.

Allegany County also has three Maryland Enterprise Zones located in Cumberland, Frostburg and Route 220 South, giving businesses several tax saving options. Businesses locating in a Maryland Enterprise Zone may be eligible for income tax credits and real property tax credits in return for job creation and investments made in the Zone.

Allegany County continues to offer an excellent environment for businesses to start and to grow. Our team is ready to help you explore the opportunities. Our business IS your business.


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