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Allegany County has an educational system that can make a difference in your bottom line.

By working with Frostburg State University ( and Allegany College of Maryland (, Allegany County businesses can receive assistance with a number of workplace issues. Local businesses can also receive help in training their employees, either to take on new responsibilities as the business grows or in training them in basic services needed to operate.

Your company can benefit from seminars and business conferences sponsored by Frostburg State University, and through its distance learning network affiliated with the University of Maryland. In addition, Allegany College, a two-year accredited college, will work with you in creating a work force training program tailored to meet your company's needs and goals.

Allegany County is fortunate to have two outstanding colleges within our boundaries – Frostburg State University (FSU), part of the University of Maryland system; and Allegany College of Maryland. FSU offers its students a complete biotech program through the new Compton Science Center. The University's other sciences and business programs, such as biochemistry, physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science and business administration, complement the program. Along with their undergraduate programs, FSU offers nine graduate degree programs and three graduate certificate programs.


Compton Science Center - FSU

In addition to the University, Allegany College of Maryland (AC) provides a biotechnology option within its laboratory technology program. This option offers both a certificate and a two-year associate's degree. AC provides complementary programs in computer science and business management, as well as customized employee training programs for individual companies through the Continuing Education Department.

Frostburg State University has successfully partnered with Allegany County to develop the infrastructure for the Allegany Business Center technology park, a 56-acre parcel of land located on the FSU campus. In May 2007, construction of a 52,000 square foot building began through a cooperative effort between Allegany County, Frostburg State University, the State of Maryland and a local private development group. A federally designated HUBZone for new businesses, ABC at FSU's close-proximity to the University's resources is a major asset.


Mountain Ridge High School

Additionally, FSU converted about a quarter of the former science building, Tawes Hall, to an incubator facility designed to build the county's base of technology-related businesses.

The work force found in Allegany County is ready to go to work, and ready to receive any additional training needed to do the job. Our public education system, which has an annual graduation rate of 84.9%, produces graduates each year that go on successfully to receive training in technology, the trades, or attend college or university. The public school system average SAT scores for a graduating senior is 1026 points.

The Allegany County education community boasts a number of small, religious based private schools that provide families a high caliber of academic offerings.
All schools in Allegany County produce graduates able to succeed in both higher education and the work arena, providing prospective employers with a work force second to none.

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