Information Technology

Allegany County, located in the mountains of western Maryland, offers access to the same cutting edge resources of the I270 Corridor surrounding Washington, DC and the Federal Government, but with distinct advantages. IT businesses can locate outside the beltway at a fraction of the cost associated with locating in one of the most congested and expensive real estate markets in the country.

Through the development of AllCoNet2/CONXX Platform Network (, businesses located in Allegany County enjoy cost-effective, 21st century wireless communication. The CONXX Platform is simultaneously a well-proven business model in next-generation telecommunications services, a unique combination of leading-edge technologies and the ability to accommodate legacy telecommunication requirements.

IT companies looking at Allegany County will find a good match in our community. The educational infrastructure found at Frostburg State University and Allegany College of Maryland enables firms locating here to tap the work force they need, at a much lower cost than is typically associated with the IT job market. Frostburg State offers an extensive computer science program, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as programs in mathematics, physics, electrical and mechanical engineering and business administration. Many of these courses of study are now housed at the new Compton Science Center.

In addition to the University, Allegany College of Maryland also provides a computer science degree program. The College provides complementary programs in business management as well as customized employee training programs for individual companies through the Allegany College Continuing Education Department.

IT firms looking for support have the option of locating adjacent to the Frostburg campus at the Allegany Business Center at Frostburg State University. ABC at FSU is a federally designated HUB zone and offers building sites for firms needing access to the University's resources.

Companies involved in data storage, interactive simulation software development, internet-based educational programs or Department of Defense and/or Homeland Security federal contractors, can find the technical resources, work force and security they need AND at a significantly lower cost than around the Capital beltway.

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