Housing and Community Resources

Human Resources Development Commission

In partnership with the Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission, the following programs and services are available:

  • Homeless/Transitional which includes emergency assistance and placement, transitional living arrangements and assistance in finding permanent housing through apartment finding and credit arrangements. The Emergency Solutions Grant Program is one source of funding. For more information, call 301-777-8286.
  • Affordable Housing where Allegany County owns and HRDC manages rental housing for eligible residents of Allegany County.  Eligibility is based on family size and occupant income.  Units are located throughout the county. For more information on call 301-783-1713.
  • Rehab/Housing providing residential rehabilitation for low to moderate-income families in Allegany County. The following are grants and loans that are available:



    • The Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program-Single Family and The Special Targeted Applicant Rehabilitation Program preserve and improve single family properties and one-to-four unit rental properties. The programs are designed to bring properties up to applicable building codes and standards, or to a minimum housing quality standard.
    • Lead Hazard Reduction Grant and Loan Program provides funds to assist homeowners and landlords lessen the risk of lead poisoning and preserve the housing stock by reducing or eliminating lead-based paint hazards.
    • The Indoor Plumbing Program provides indoor plumbing to residential properties. Loans may be made for single-family, owner-occupied homes and rental properties, which do not have indoor plumbing. Properties must be structurally sound.
    • Weatherization Assistance Program and The EmPOWER Low Income Energy Efficiency Program help eligible low-income households with the installation of energy conservation materials in their dwelling units. Priority is given to homeowners who are elderly, disabled and families with children and/or who have the highest energy consumption. Eligible renters may also apply.

For more information about these programs call 301-783-1717.

  • Section 8 provides monthly rent assistance for low income families. The family pays approximately 30 percent of their income toward the rent with the balance of the monthly rent, up to a fair market rent, paid by the Section 8 assistance. For more information call 301-783-1880.
  • Rental Allowance provides monthly rent assistance for low income families who are homeless or have an emergency housing need. The monthly payments are fixed amounts, depending upon the size of the family and the location of the rental housing unit in the State. Payments can be received for up to 12 months, and may be extended under special circumstances.  For more information call 301-783-1880.

Contact information for the Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission is:

125 Virginia Avenue
Cumberland, MD 21502

301-722-0937 Fax


Family Crisis Resource Center, Inc.

In partnership with the Family Crisis Resource Center, Inc., the Emergency Solutions Grant Program (ESG) provides funding for a local shelter that provides comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence and sex crimes.

Contact information for Family Crisis Resource Center, Inc. is:

146 Bedford Street
Cumberland, MD 21502

Office: 301-759-9246
Fax: 301-759-4934


Outreach Office
Lonaconing: 301-463-4197

24-Hour Helpline: 301-759-9244

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